Teenage Heart attacks & Rock n Roll Heaven - Album

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Stars Fall Down  - Single

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About me

Raised on 80´s radio, melody and big productions just is a part of what Shades grew up with and listened to. 

Growing up in Denmark and had a spell living in the south in the US he might have have been exposed to a musical mix of cultures that made it possible for him to later create this unique style without maybe realising it at the time. He would listen to country in his home country of Denmark before anyone knew about the style at all.

From the beginning the dream was creating a strong Country/Rock album for Shades. 

That dream was accomplished to critical acclaim in June 2019 when his debut album Teenage Heart Attacks & Rock n Roll Heaven” was released. Straying away off of the musical path of his band Pretty Maids”, Shades turned to his love of Country and Rock into a modern sounding fusion of the two. Crunchy guitars, Subtle banjos and strong melodies with big chorus seemed to be the recipe shades had found. With radio airplay all around the world the debut album was deemed to be fantastic start to a career as a bona fide Artist. As we enter 2023 Shades is has taken the next step and with two new singles BOOMERANG” & BLOW” he has shown his intention of diving deeper into the genre he has now created,  which he calls Heavy Country”. Focused more on the country aspect more than ever. The songs speak for themselves and an album is in the works and will be released later this year. Every song Shades has written was either conceived on a Guitar or Piano and the idea was always that these songs are born to be played live. Touring extensively in Denmark and Germany after the release of this debut album Shades feels very much at home on stage. With a raunchy, powerful & exhilarating show Shades provides both surprises and big moments. Latest release is Breakdown a punchy cover of the old Tom Pettey & The Heartbreakers classic.